Web application


is all about creating a virtual presentation of what your business is.
It is about creating a soft copy of your business and putting it online for your potential clients to explore. In this case, businesses are able to convey their message by using web-enabled programs that make it possible. We are a professional web development company proposing custom web application development services which are aimed at providing our clients with web solutions that fit their business process requirements.

StarNet promise

to each and every customer is to be accessible, easy to work with, and more knowledgeable than the competition, which allows for a positive experience and superior results

StarNet Egypt

believe in constructing scalable E-business solutions using the latest cutting edge web development technologies to ensure maximum profit for our clients.


We offer a table-less layout that is based on html 5.0 coding and css 3.0 styling techniques which increase the website performance, accessibility on different mobile devices and readability by top search engines.


StarNetEgypt employ clean coding for web development using the latest programming languages and technologies like php and mysql. We will using scalable application infrastructure, which will employ Content Management System (CMS) for websites on scalable levels according to the content size in their associated control panels, to allow non-technical users to update parts of the website.