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About Star Net Egypt

StarNet Egypt, has over 15 years of experience working with IT networking, application programming, application architecture and design, and application project management.
StarNet Egypt has worked with small, mid-sized and large corporations in helping them to utilize their IT resources in the best possible manner so as to avoid unnecessary spending and thereby enabling their company to make more profits.

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We help businesses use technology to better serve their markets and refine and integrate their business processes. Utilizing our expertise in visual design, information architecture, web-based application development, database development, and marketing, we help clients take advantage of e-business technologies and opportunities. In our experience, e-business is about more than adding a shopping cart and taking credit card numbers on your website. More often, it involves using the Internet to improve communications and processes involving customers, employees, and suppliers. Through the customization and implementation of appropriate technology and intelligent online form design, we assist companies in gathering, storing, retrieving, reconfiguring, sharing, and making use of information.