About starnet egypt

About Star Net Egypt

StarNet Egypt, has over 15 years of experience working with IT networking, application programming, application architecture and design, and application project management.
StarNet Egypt has worked with small, mid-sized and large corporations in helping them to utilize their IT resources in the best possible manner so as to avoid unnecessary spending and thereby enabling their company to make more profits.

We are distinguished by


Impartial consultancies to solve existing issues or develop new strategies to unlock your company's online potential. Consultancy forms part of the range of services included in most of the projects ITsoft undertakes and, as such, is costed into the overall project package. Tackle the move online. Confront the issues, see through the smokescreens, and overcome your barriers. We make the perfect one-stop partner. We will guide you in making the right choices and help you solve the integration game in a way that brings all parties on board.